I think Google Photos is a great product that I personally admire the work behind. But it has its limitations. If you’re using it as a cloud option for your sweet memories, you may have noticed that it offers the search by someone’s face, by objects, landmarks, cities…

However, it’s still odd to me to identify a picture of a doll as a living human. I think the question here is similar to this experiment: When I’d hold a drawing of a tree and ask what is that? …

When you think of Maldives, you just think about mind-blowing resorts right? Well the country has also mind-blowing youth tech skills. As technology open job markets and elevates more people. Women In Tech Maldives advocates for hiring based on merit not gender, as well as encouraging to implement policies to open data for developers to work on. Neesha Fathmath, one of the co-founders and a Software Engineer opens up and shares her personal journey.

-Neesha Fathmath, Core Software Engineer at LoopCraft-

A Doctor or an Engineer?

To be honest, growing up, I never thought about the technology sector. My mom just wanted me to be a Doctor. In the 8th grade, I…

Now Marseille may remind you of sunny beaches and lovely soaps. But it has rocking ladies as well. Fazia has one hell of the story to share from quitting highschool to founding her own web agency after she was so done with the system. As Shirley Chisholm said : “Ladies, if you are not offered a seat at the table, bring a folding chair”. Fazia Bouheraoua literally did that.

Fazia Bouheaoura, a web developer smiling graciously, sitting in of front of her laptop working in a room filled with women.
Fazia Bouheaoura, a web developer smiling graciously, sitting in of front of her laptop working in a room filled with women.
Fazia Bouheraoua, LaChaisePliante CEO and Founder

How did you become a web dev coming from a literature background?

I quit high school before getting the final year. I did many kinds of jobs, waitress, bartender… After 3 years, I regretted that I didn’t finish high school. I studied on…

Once you open an app or a website looking for information, a service or a product, your user-journey mapping starts. You may not be aware of all the techniques used to smooth your browsing experience or just to appeal to you. But there is a lot of work under the hood to deliver an attractive stress-free experience.

Marta Rhyzok, is a UI/UX designer with a focus on Product Design. During her Master’s degree at Lviv Academy of Arts, Ukraine, she did an internship in Japan. After which, she landed a job with a global blockchain tech company.

— Marta Rhyzok, UX & Product Designer —

What’s your favourite part of your job and how did you kick-start your career?

The moment my…

Job searching is a frustrating process. Everyone dreads it. You’re a lovely human-being whose being pushed out of comfort zone to “sell” your profile. The mentally destabilizing interviews styles are outdated. Some companies like Goshaba are trying to improve the interviewing process with innovative approaches: Not that a robot will interview you (We’ll get to that maybe in the next 5 years?) but with cognitive gaming.

Camille Morvan, Co-CEO et Co-Founder of Goshaba, winner of the “Women in AI Awards” 2019 edition, will share her path from academia to tech industry.

-Camille Morvan, Co-CEO and co-founder of Goshaba-

After years in academic research, what stimulated you to launch your startup Goshaba?

I loved academic research because I love to think…

Graduating from a Computer Science university doesn’t mean you will end up being a geek who becomes a coding night owl. That stereotype image is very limited. The beauty of I.T is that there are essential professions that don’t require 8 hours of coding daily. Laveena Ramchandani, a senior Test Consultant shares with us her experience combining business customer perspective and technical quality assurance.

-Laveena Ramchandani, Senior Test Consultant-

What’s your favorite part of your job?

The best part of my role is the fact that we are always curious about the product under development. I love exploring and finding out more about the product.
Also, we have to think like the user…

Work cultures differ from one country to another. A joke your co-worker makes may be acceptable in France but not in Japan. Sometimes, we get offended by what other people insensitively say. How does one navigate these situations professionally?

Before joining university, Kome Emuh, Vice President — COO Global Markets Operations Engineering at Goldman Sachs, had the courage to dream big. She worked hard to achieve her goals and made it with the big names from Bloomberg, J.P. Morgan to Goldman Sachs.

- Kome Emuh -

Did you have a ‘dream’ company in mind when you were a student?

I studied International Finance and Economics at The University of Manchester. When I graduated, it was the pinnacle…

I think every female engineer found herself one day as a minority whether in a uni auditorium, an engineering meetup or a meeting room. Nope, we don’t get any privilege but it pushes us more to shine bright like a diamond.

Sharon Malio, a Data Analyst at World Food Programme and a Women TechMakers Lead in Kenya, blazed her trail in a tough journey full of achievements from making her way out in computer science university to teaching children how to code.

Sharon Malio, Software Developer

Why did you choose IT?

I was first captivated by what the IT industry offers after having the privilege of pursuing a bachelor’s…

Most women have the imposter syndrome, seldom we know it. Sometimes, we look at female heroes and think that we could never make it there. As I want this blog to be our voice, a voice for women from different career stages. It’s important to shed the light on women who are also at the beginning of their journeys. Why? Because everyone has been through what you’re going through now, like Michael Jackson said: “Cause you are not alone”! (Cheers to those who sung this phrase).

Nikola Valesova, a Data Scientist who took a leap of faith and started working…

Amanda Obidike, a certified professional in STEM by the Open University, United Kingdom and Executive Director of STEMi Makers Africa, has created sustainable and implementable projects in 78 underserved communities across 17 Sub-Saharan countries by preparing the next generation of Africans with STEM lucrative opportunities in becoming experienced for Africa’s workforce.

- Amanda Obidike -

You made a career shift from Administration to Data Science. Why did you choose DS and was this an easy decision for you? Did you encounter any difficulties learning?

I chose Data Science because it is one of the future-focused skills the companies are using today. After graduating from University, it was difficult to get a meaningful job. The job market required technical competence and skills. I got a job in a FMCG company, but in a year…

Moona Balghouthi

Software Eng~Data Scientist, Into People, Social Entrepreneurship & Adventures !

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